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Can we bring in our own alcohol?

  • No, but we provide options for alcohol. Please ask to see the different alcohol packages provided by A Simple Affair. 


How do upgrades work?

  • We have standard packaging, but we want your event to be tailored to your dreams, so we provide ways to "upgrade" your event to fit your needs. Upgrades will be at an additional cost, but are customizable so that you can add as needed for your event. 


Do you have a storage facility for our things?

  • We do not have a storage facility for you to use, though when you rent the event center you have access to the bridal room which will have a lock on it. 


Where can we park?

  • You can park anywhere in the shopping facility. 


Can we leave stuff at your center over night?

  • No, we do not allow you to store things at our facility over night, you will have to clear out your event after the event has occurred. 


Do you have a DJ?

  • No we do not have a DJ, though we do have a stereo system with speakers throughout the center and an aux hookup if you have a playlist ready. 


Do you have a dance floor?

  • We do not have a specific place in the facility for a dance floor, but you can dance the night away in a designated area of the dance floor or you can rent a dance floor from one of our available resources. 

Can we bring in our own vendors?

  • Yes! You can bring in any vendors for your event needs such as catering, dj, photography, entertainment etc. you would like to use. 


Do you offer catering?

  • Yes! We have multiple options to fit every budget. Our options are: Street Tacos, Pizza, BBQ, Cafe Rio, Makai, Maggiano's & Traditional Wedding Meal.

Can we hang our own things?

  • No, we have to do the hanging for you. We are fairly flexible on things that can be hung, so please ask and we will try to accommodate your dream decorations. 


What can this venue be used for?

  • Whatever you would like. A birthday party, corporate event, wedding, reception, family parties, conferences, trade shows, business dinners, lectures, anniversary parties, and so on. It is space that can be used for any occasion. 


Does A Simple Affair do the decorating?

  • No, we are the venue, and not the wedding planner, so we will not decorate for you. Although, we will set up tables and chairs if they are rented from us and if a layout is given to us at least 1 week in advance. We also will do any hanging that is needed. 


What if my event does not fit within one of the package options?

  • If you feel like your event does not fit within the packages, contact us through phone or email and we will work with you to make your event fit to our facility. 


Will we receive a discount if we book multiple events with your facility?

  • Yes, we have a multiple-booking policy in which you will receive 10% off any additional events that you book at the facility. 


How close to the event can I book?

  • As long as the venue is open you could book the day of, though it is first come first serve, and A Simple Affair needs set-up arrangements at least one week prior to the event.  Though this may limit your catering options also.  


What is the deposit amount?

  • A 10% deposit will be required to book the event center. Once booked, the contract will layout any cancellation fees. 

Do you do anything for non-profit/military events?

  • Yes! We offer a non-profit/military discounts. Just let us know and we will apply the discount to your booking!

How late can the event go?

  • 12am, please inquire for special accommodations. 


Looking for a photographer/videographer/photo booth/florist/DJ/ect?

  • We're here to help with your event. Check out our resource page of people in the area that we recommend or ask your sales rep about contacts we have in these areas.

"I had no problem communicating with

A Simple Affair at all. Everyone was so nice and my event was a huge success!"


It can never hurt to ask. If you do not see a questioned answered below or on this website and you would like something specific for your event, please ask. Our goal is to have an event center that will work for you!


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