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We're Opening Soon!

Family owned event center

Welcome to our A Simple Affair Events blog! Keep a look out for more posts and photos in the future. Right now, we're finishing up the last touches of renovation and will open our new venue on March 1st. (Anyone who books with us prior to then will receive a 10 percent discount.) We look forward to providing a venue to the Las Vegas valley that is both affordable and flexible.

Last year was an eventful one. In a matter of a few months, our family grew by three. We welcomed a baby and two brothers-in-law. With back-to-back weddings, we learned a lot about venues in this area. We couldn't believe that Las Vegas did't have any reception halls that were affordable and flexible enough to suit our needs. We couldn't find an event center that allowed us to bring in our own food and decor, and every venue cost a minimum of $10 thousand.

Our frustration resulted in a decision to pool from our savings and open a center that would allow the Las Vegas community to host memorable, customized events without breaking the bank account.

We've received a lot of interest already, and we're starting to book weekends not only for 2018, but for 2019 as well! We hope to continue to provide our venue to the community for years to come! Call us to schedule an appointment to take a tour of the venue and its amenities.

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