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Our Las Vegas Venue is Taking Shape

We're starting to book weddings and parties at our soon-to-be-finished event center!

Taking a warehouse that hadn't been rented in 12 years, and turning it into an industrial venue for all of Las Vegas, was no easy feat. With all of us working full-time jobs, any work we completed was done at night.

Back in September, the parents, and Loryn, were desperately trying to find a venue that allowed its clients to bring in their own food (preferably one that didn't cost an arm and a leg!) They stumbled upon an empty, unfinished warehouse, and decided to somehow make it work for Loryn's wedding.

After giving it more thought, they saw a need in the market for a flexible, affordable venue in Las Vegas. They brought all of us together and proposed that we pool our money to renovate the warehouse.

Each of us pulled out our checkbooks and our courage, and the family decided to move forward on this adventure.

We are so happy to hear our clients gush about the venue, and we are so excited to provide the community with a service that didn't exist previously.

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