A COVID Kind Of Wedding!

A COVID Kind Of Wedding!

Sep 6, 2022


Who would have thought it could be possible to still have the most important day of your life go off without hitch during a pandemic!? Over the past six months we have seen it all! Social distancing, deep cleaning, and mask wearing have become our new normal, but that hasn't stopped many of our clients from getting married!

Covid wedding photo

We have had such an awesome time seeing the love and joy of our client's and their guests during this crazy time. Because of the circumstances, weddings have been more intimate, time together has felt more precious and memories made will be most cherished from weddings during COVID.

Couple walking down isle

The thoughtful planning of weddings during COVID at our venue have been incredible to see! From custom wedding themed masks to socially distant ceremonies, we have seen some amazing details that have made each wedding during this pandemic so undeniably special!

Seeing the creativity our clients have incorporated on their special days has been so much fun! Our COVID brides and grooms have made the most of this crazy time with fun wedding favors such as; personalized hand sanitizer and tissues and even monogrammed masks!

Bride with veil over face

Guest counts may be smaller, but the love and excitement of holy matrimony has still outweighed the adjustments our couples have made for their special days! If you're engaged and planning your wedding during these uncertain times,


We see your concerns, we see your heartache, we see your compromises and we are here for you! You are strong and if you choose, you are so worthy of an amazing and safe wedding during COVID! Couples who are planning weddings during this time are some of the most resilient people we have had the pleasure of working with!

Couple with masks on

Wedding planning on its own is stressful, and throwing a pandemic in the mix can be terrifying! But we don't want you to have to feel that way! We're here to tell you that it IS possible to have a beautiful, memorable most important day of your life at A Simple Affair in 2020!

Photo Credit: Hailey Nicole Photo & Bella Leigh Photography