How to Wedding on a Budget

How to Wedding on a Budget

Apr 15, 2019

Congratulations you’re engaged! You’re probably now excitedly digging through all of your Pinterest boards to create your perfect wedding…. And quickly realizing that you dream wedding might be a little more expensive than you thought. Don’t start worrying just yet! While weddings can be expensive there are so many things that you can do to bring your cost down while still maintaining the wedding of your dreams!

Table decorations


Decorations can really create the theme of your wedding. Once you know what look you are going for start to gather anything that matches that theme. Mismatched decorations & centerpieces are all the rage right now! By not having to have everything match perfectly you will be able to find pieces and deals that will save you money that might not have worked if you were trying to buy in bulk. If there is still that one decoration that you MUST HAVE, but that is still out of the budget, turn to the internet and find creative ways to DIY the project. Creating expensive decorations, yourself will still give you the look you want and will keep the money in your pocket. If both mismatching and DIY fail, ask friends and family to borrow things. A cute home decoration might be exactly what you are looking for to create the feeling for your wedding!

Women at a table


Along with decorations, you have probably always known what florals you want in your bouquet and centerpieces… but seeing the price tag might scare you away! Don’t let it!! Figure out what is important to you and put your money there. If you have always dreamt of the perfect bouquet, then get your beautiful bouquet and focus on greenery for your centerpieces and other decorations. If you love the idea of florals in bouquets and throughout the wedding/reception than figure out what is in season and create masterpieces with those florals.

Couple cutting cake


Now let’s talk dessert! Cake first… Wedding cakes are beautiful, but how many of you have tried a wedding cake that truly tastes amazing? Wedding cakes are a huge expense, but you can save money and keep guests happy with a few little tricks. Get a small cake that you can still cut into and then have a sheet cake, or other fun desserts your guests will love. If you aren’t a big cake person yourself, you can also do a fully dummy cake (plastic inside with beautiful frosting & decorations) and cut and serve something else. If you are looking for a dessert for your guests to enjoy before the cake cutting, pick a simple favorite dessert of yours and serve that! Who doesn’t love cookies, donuts, and candy?

Get Better and Less Expensive Help

Finding the right help for your wedding is a must! Having the day run smoothly without you managing everything will make everything 100% better. That being said wedding help can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you want your make-up and hair professionally done, hire a student! Do your research and maybe do a practice run beforehand, but then let them work their magic! For wedding planner and day of coordinators find friends and family that are organized and are willing to help. You can use these friends to help plan, set up, serve and clean up your dream day!

Boho wedding venue


Last, but not least, the venue! If you have had a perfect spot for years, but know it is out of the budget, look for places that have a similar look, or ask them if they do any discounts for less desired days. You will find that if you plan your wedding on a weekday or have a morning ceremony and reception you will be able to save a lot of money. Last, make sure to find a venue that is there to help and not there to hit you with a bunch of hidden fees. Most of all remember that your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life! You are marrying the person that makes you happy and no matter what food, decorations, or florals you have this is a day you will always remember. Congratulations again, and let us know if we can help you with your perfect day in any way!

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