Your Pinterest Perfect Wedding on a Budget

Your Pinterest Perfect Wedding on a Budget

Jan 5, 2023

Boho wedding
Boho wedding
Boho wedding

Everyone wants to have a Pinterest perfect wedding, but that can come at a hefty price! Get the most bang for your buck with these awesome money saving tips:

  1. Set a budget and stick to it: Determine how much you can afford to spend on your wedding and try your best to stay within that budget.

  2. Avoid peak wedding seasons: Dates are important, but so is your budget! Consider being flexible with your date - it could save you some money!

  3. Choose a less popular day of the week: Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular days for weddings, which means venues and vendors may charge a premium for this day. Consider getting married on a Monday-Thursday instead to save money.

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  4. Cut back on the guest list: The more people you invite to your wedding, the more it will cost. Consider cutting back on your guest list to save money on food, alcohol, and other expenses.

  5. DIY: Take on some of the wedding tasks yourself to save money on labor costs. For example, you could make your own wedding invitations, centerpieces, and other decor.

  6. Shop around: Don't be afraid to compare prices before making any decisions. You might be able to get a better deal and the most bang for your buck by shopping around.

  7. Consider a smaller wedding party: Having a large wedding party can be expensive, as you'll need to buy gifts and possibly pay for attire for all your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Consider having a smaller wedding party to save money.

  8. Cut back on wedding favors: While wedding favors are a nice gesture, they can add up quickly. Consider cutting back on favors or skipping them altogether to save money.

  9. Consider a flexible venue: At A Simple Affair, we offer everything from a la carte packages that include only the venue, tables and chairs to all-inclusive packages that include everything from the ceremony and reception to food, drink, and entertainment. A flexible venue will allow you to make the best decisions with your money and shop around for the best vendor prices!

  10. Use your resources: If you have friends or family members who are talented musicians, photographers, or chefs, consider asking them to contribute their services to your wedding to save money on professional vendors.

Hopefully these tips will help you create your dream wedding while also keeping your budget in mind!

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