To DJ or Not to DJ...

To DJ or Not to DJ...

May 5, 2021

wedding dancing
wedding dancing
wedding dancing

That is the question! We get this question a lot at our venue. And our answer usually comes down to what you are wanting your party to sound and feel like! Here are a few questions we recommend our clients know the answers to when deciding to hire a DJ for their event.

  • What is the style of your event?

  • Will your budget allow room for a DJ?

  • Will your guests and your event experience be enhanced by a DJ?

Once our clients can answer these questions about their event, choosing to get a DJ or pass it up is an easy decision!


When deciding whether or not to get a DJ for your event, it all comes down to the type of event you are planning, and the biggest question of them all is most definitely, will you and your guests be dancing!? If the answer is yes, we always recommend getting a DJ!

Events that we see lots of dancing are weddings (of course!) and birthday parties! Having a DJ at your event helps to keep the party going hour after hour! A good DJ reads the dance floor and will make song changes based on what keeps people on the dance floor. DJs are also very helpful when it comes to moving through the timeline of your event becuase the DJ doubles as your Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the night. So if your event calls for lots of dancing and someone directing the crowd through all of the special moments, getting a DJ is the way to go!


It is important to be upfront and clear about your wants, needs and expectations for your event, especially when it comes to your dance floor. When picking the best DJ for your event you'll want to consider your budget as well. DJ bookings can range anywhere from $150 to $400 per hour. When considering your budget, you will want to visualize how you want the lighting on the dance floor to look. Most DJs have lighting displays, so it is a good idea to request photos of their set ups to see if it is what you are looking for. Some more cost-friendly DJs have a set up that is on the simple side, and DJs that are a bit more expensive will typically have a more elaborate set up.

Your Event

Now maybe you plan on doing some dancing at your event, but it isn't a top priority of yours or your guests in attendance. And that's okay! A Simple Affair has the flexibility that allows you to choose all your own vendors, which means you have all the control when it comes to the type of atmosphere you are hoping to create at your event. If your style is more laid back and you are satisfied with being your own DJ, using your cell phone and your favorite playlist will be just perfect for your event!

Choosing the Right DJ

It's safe to say, your DJ sets the tone for your event. So when you are contacting potential DJs to hire, be sure to go with one that clicks with your personality and style. You'll want your DJ to reflect the energy and excitement level you are wanting your guests to remember from your event. If you can connect with your DJ on a personal level, you can count on a satisfying experience at your event.

For a list of our favorite DJs visit our preferred vendors page HERE