Where to capture the moment

Where to capture the moment

Jun 7, 2019

couple in love
couple in love
couple in love

How are you going to remember your wedding day??? Many people go about this in different ways. Some through journaling, others videography, others have guest document it, but the most common way is through PICTURES! What bride doesn’t want to get all glammed up and take pictures in some of the most gorgeous areas, in her perfect gown, with her dream guy? Well, have we got good news for you…. While many beautiful photos can be gathered in our space, we are also located in the heart of some beautiful scenery of Las Vegas!

Couple in love

The Knoll

Right in A Simple Affair’s backyard there is a beautiful grassy knoll where you can get the outside look without even driving! We have had many brides take couple, family, and bridal party pictures here and have loved how they’ve turned out!

Man posing

Brick walls

Our very own store front also makes for gorgeous outdoor pictures. With the exposed brick you can get some really great individual and couple shots without having to walk or drive anywhere! This is great if you are on a tight schedule, but still want to get a few photos outside of the center.

Men psoing for wedding photo

Tivoli Village

About a 5-10 car ride just east of A Simple Affair is the beautiful Tivoli village. With its gorgeous buildings, cobble stone roads, and well-kept greenery it makes for the perfect backdrop for outdoor wedding pictures!

Red Rock

If you are up for a little bit of a drive, Red Rock National Park is just up the road from A Simple Affair. With all of its beautiful colors and desert landscape you are sure to capture something spectacular. There are rules about shooting professional pictures inside of the park, but you can park right before (at Calico Basin) or after the entrance and get some breathtaking views as well.

After putting in all of the planning we know you are putting in, it is important to be able to remember your perfect day! So… no matter how you go about it, we hope you will be able to look back forever and remember just how happy you were when you said I Do!

Feel free to ask our staff for other recommendations on places to take pictures and photographers to book!